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"A space where simple things are turned into a passionate art form."

Tattoo Artists
Viraj Khanolkar - Being the best at what he does from the beginning itself from passing with a degree in Fine Arts in 2014 & wining the Pune Tattoo festival in 2015 to wining hearts with his exceptional tattoos and warm nature throughout his career, this is Viraj Khanolkar for you.
-Radiant Tattoos Studio

Radiant Tattoo Studio,"I was just a dream, dreamt by Viraj in the beginning of his tattoo career in 2012. After two years of hard work as freelancer, in 2016 he finally made his dream turn into a reality and started his own tattoo studio and named me as 'Radiant Tattoo'."
Viraj holds a Fine Arts degree giving him an incredible boost to his creativity and which in turn gives him a better sence of designing and composing the tattoos. The amount of dedication and efforts put on their clients tattoo is equally appreciated and complimented by all once completed.
"Every person who enters in this space is more like a friend, than just a client. I have been setup with not just a business thought but majorly to give people the immense joy of painting their bodies and to deliver good tattoos among the crowd. Their hard work is been rewarded many times in their tattoo career on various platforms.
Visiting Radiant Tattoo's space is always a pleasure and to experience the same, do get included in my Radiant family. I am also grateful to many people, for allowing me to be a part of their stories. The stories that are told on the best canvas in the world- the human body.


Healed Tattoo

Fresh tattoos are like a small scratchy wound on skin, which takes few days to heal completely. Fresh tattoos always looks good on skin as soon as it is completed, but sometimes appear differently after it's healed. If tattoo is not done professionally, then the healed tattoo might get damaged, embossed or blurred and merged, even becomes dull, and disappears in worse cases. A well made tattoo is your pride, which you will take with you to your grave.
Therefore, the best time to judge any tattoo is when it's healed properly.

A proper healed tattoo appears very smooth and beautifully on skin after all the dead skin is cleared over the fresh tattoo. The tattoo ink stays inside the skin layer without leaving any rough sensations over the skin. Any good tattoo artist is judged through his/her healed tattoos. So, the main agenda of showcasing our healed tattoo gallery is, to show the quality of our work and how we treat your skin as treasure for us and also how our tattoos enhance your personal appearance.

Tattoo Coverup

Whenever you get a tattoo, you really have to think well what the design would be; what you would have inked on your body. This is very important since unlike art pieces on paper, tattoos are not very easy to erase or take off. Actually it’s next to impossible. You can have it lasered but trust me, the end results won’t really be
good as you actually think it would be. So again, be very careful of what you will choose as your tattoo.Tattoos should be permanent although there are times when a person walks out of a tattoo studio not proud of what they got. You can only deal with unwanted tattoo in two ways: tattoo coverup and removal. Tattoo cover ups are the cheapest and they may also completely hide unwanted old tattoos with new and better designs. They may also incorporate some or each element of the old tattoo.

So if you have that tattoo that you really want to change right now, how about seeing RADIANT TATTOOS 8454054268 and start creating a plan to make the best design possible. To help you out and inspire you, here is the best tattoo cover-up you would ever see.

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